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Improving agricultural protection

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What we do

Bsafe Biotech develops products that protect food and animals based on the unique information within each pest’s DNA
Biological control is critical to ensure food security in a world that needs to reduce environmental and social impacts while ensuring the increases needed in food production

About us

We are a multidisciplinary and multicultural team sharing values and a strong willingness of protecting biodiversity. We decided to bring out decades of academic knowledge to the service of all because we believe we can do something better

For more than 20 years we have studied and learned about genetics, Bioinformatics, and bio-control systems.
Bsafe Biotech contributes to a sustainable future in Agriculture


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Our Team

Chief Scientic Officer

Diego Peres Alonso

Co Founder- PhD in Genetics


Chief Technology Officer

Samir Moura

Co Founder- PhD Animal Production


Chief Executive Officer


Co Founder – MBA & Biotechnologist


Technical Advisor

Paulo Eduardo Martins Ribolla

Co Founder-PhD in Biochemistry


Our Goals


Help agriculture to be more sustainable by providing specific and safer bio-control products through biotechnology.


To be a regional referent within the bio control market seeking a sustainable agriculture


Innovation, Integrity, Respect, Focus on impact, Passion, Sustainability and Social Responsability